Living with roommates can be hard,
but Dwell makes it a little easier.

Dwell is an app that helps roommates manage their house. With Dwell, everyone always knows who to pay, what to do, and when to do it.

How Dwell Works

Create a group

Either choose a name and create a new group or easily join an existing one. Invite your roommates to your group by sending them a simple invite link.

Post Chores

Post a chore by giving it a name, assigning it to someone, and choosing a due date. You can easily set a chore to repeat and cycle through each roommate too.

Split Bills

No more chasing down payments! Just choose a name and set an amount. Dwell will automatically let everyone know how much they owe and who they have to pay.


Set It And Forget It

Dwell can automatically post a new bill or chore after however long you choose. It's like another roommate.

Unique Split Types

Not splitting a bill evenly? No problem! You can set specfic percentages or amounts owed.

Stay Up To Date

Check the "Activity" tab in the app to see when everything gets done as well as what's new in your house.

Simple, Intuitive Design

Post a new bill or chore in just a few quick taps. See important bill and chore details quickly and clearly.

Easy Invites

Just choose a group name and send your unique invite link to your roommates.

Constant Updates

Dwell is always improving by listening to your feedback and suggestions.

Want to see more?

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